Friday, June 13, 2008

Escaping Family

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I attended a Christian small group last night together with my girlfriend, Mich. We were invited by our pastor (Pastor Dennis) in Victory Greenhills. It was actually a very pleasant experience and I always find it nice to meet new people. We expected to see around 5-6 since it was a small group but there were more than 15 in the group. Anyway, the topic was about God’s purpose for you in life. One of the segments in the discussion talked about the distractions that hinder us from fully realizing what we are meant to do in this world. After everyone shared their insights, I had a rather sad realization - a lot of us today ignore our families and we try desperately to escape from our homes to avoid all the issues, problems, and conflicts that happens in the house.

Inside the common Filipino household is an emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical warfare. In some homes, this is a silent conflict and this is actually one of the most dangerous manifestations. Silence means that people want to give up already, or that they are simply not concerned anymore with what’s happening in their respective families. Instead of trying to communicate and resolve our problems at home, we distract ourselves with work, games, friends, and for some - even service to their church/ministry. Our passions in life become addictive drugs that we feed on that perpetually blinds us from the things that really matter.

Personally, I’m guilty of this because I find myself really focusing more on my professional career and my own life. Maybe in the coming days I’ll try to strike up a meaningful conversation with my father or mother about some of the issues hounding our family right now but that’s for another blog post.

So what now is the solution? There are so many ways to deal with problems. If we exercise the same level of creativity and resourcefulness we exhibit in our work or hobby in trying to solve the issues at home, I’m sure we will be able to come up with a workable plan.

Let’s get back to the question - what is God’s purpose for you? Maybe you don’t have to look far to find that out. Before we even talk about being the savior of the Philippines, ending hunger, finding the cure for cancer, or being a priest - let’s pause a while and think. Maybe our true purpose starts with our families at home. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most meaningful experiences in life and they can also be the most daunting challenges we will ever face.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Thank you & see you at WAUKSTER.COM! :D

Hmm, I find it weird. It's been a day or two already since I announced I'm moving to another site but I still get insane hits at this blog. Guys, please start going to -

I won't be updating this one anymore XD I've already put up some new articles on PERFECT WORLD and LU YOSI SESSION at the new blog so better check it out!

Thank you to everyone and I hope to see you at my new blog!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Hi guys,

I promised myself that in the event I get 10,000 hits for this blog, I'd buy a domain and web host.



Please change your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions to the said URL above. Expect more controversial (lol) and informative insights in the online gaming industry as the days go by. I'll also be posting more on PERFECT WORLD, RAGNAROK, and of course... RAGNAROK 2. :)

See you guys at the new site!


Ragnarok Hugel Site NOW UP!

Yay! The official pRO Hugel website is now UP! Check it out HERE. I took us more than a month to put that thing together, mostly because the Creative department here at Level-up is constantly swamped with project requests from all the brands.

You guys can also view the pRO HUGEL MOVIE HERE.

Btw, please take note that the HUGEL CDs will only arrive at Mini-stop sometime May 12. However, the Neopia branches are already giving/burning copies for everyone as we speak. Check out the website for the list of branches that have CDs. :)
7 days until Hugel! wOOt!
Lastly, I'm doing the finishing touches to my new blog. You guys can check it out now if you want but it's not yet 100% complete.

Ragnarok 2 CBT Videos

Ragnarok 2 is one of the most anticipated games in the world, especially here in the Philippines. I've been going around the country lately for the Level-up Trade Launch and the Ragna Rally Series and people keep asking me when we will have the closed or open beta here in the Philippines. Sadly I can't give a date yet - simply because the game is still under development. However, it's good to know that Gravity is trying to have OBT in mid or late 2007.

A fellow RO player, Sir David, showed me some Youtube videos earlier about the latest videos from Closed Beta 2. FYI, RO2 will have 4 Closed Beta sessions before they go full blast. From what I know, they just concluded the second one and they are now gearing up for the final two tests.

RO2 Swordsman Video

RO2 Recruit/Gunslinger Video

The Korean Ragnarok 2 Site is also now up. Go ahead and visit it if you can read Korean. If ever anyone here can, please let me know and kindly give me an english translation (hehe).

By the way, I bought a domain name and web hosting yesterday. That's the main reason why this blog is getting so weird in terms of layout. I've been playing around with images and buttons for the past few days. That explains the weird section on top - yeah I know I need two more buttons to balance it out (lol). Hopefully I can set it up so I can move out of blogger. Thanks to FlyFF Brand Manager Sherevar for letting me use his uber credit card.
'Till next time peeps! I'll post more about RO when I get to the office. Cheers!