Sunday, March 04, 2007

LU WTF Moment 01: The Tale of the Office Door.

Whew - I'm dead tired. I just got back home a few hours ago from Cavite. The traffic was insane. Hopefully I can post about the Cavite/Paranaque Ragna Rally experiences on Monday. I need to get the pictures from our photographer first (hehe). Anyway, I'm making a new section for this blog again since I'm still waiting on the next person for the LU Yosi Session. I'm calling this category the "LU WTF Moments". We all have our own WTF moments and here at Level-up, we kinda get that a lot. Let's start with defining valid a "LU WTF Moment".

WTF Moments are shockingly jarring experiences that really surprise the living hell out of you. It maybe a funny, scary, or downright stupid moment. The emotion changes but the result is the same - your brain screams "WHAT THE F*CK!?". I'll be updating this section regularly from now on.

So on to the first official LU WTF Moment!

I was running late for work and I really needed to send e-mails during the morning because I had to leave for an event around noon. I woke up early and went to work only to find out that someone locked my office. Since HR never gave me a key... well, I was locked out (Wah).

I went to the HR department and asked if they had any keys with them. Our HR officer pulled out like a dozen keys and went with me to my office. She tried them all but to no avail. Almost 1 hour has passed.

Our ever so reliable Sales Director tries to help. He gets a credit card and his ID and tries to slide it down the crack between the door and the frame. This is an old school way of opening doors... but hey, whatever works right? Sadly... it didn't work. Our maintenance guy, Joey, then joins in. He gets a steel wire and tries to unlock the door by randomly moving it inside the keyhole. All that effort in vain! Almost an hour and a half has gone by at this point.

An then there was light. Joey comes back with a ladder - and I'm like: WTF is he going to do with a steel ladder?! Use it like a battering ram and destroy the door? After a few minutes, it turns out that our ceiling was made up of panels that you can just pop open, LOL. Using his amazing spiderman skills, Joey goes up the ceiling, goes down the other side (in my office) and opens the door.

VICTORY! The dungeon doors are now open.

Many thanks to Sir Apol for attempting the credit card trick. Of course I'd also like to thank the man of the hour, Joey, for pulling off the spiderman-like maneuver. Thanks also the Char for taking the pics and of course thank you to Janice for locking my door. Without you this wouldn't have been possible *cry*. More LU WTF Moments to be posted in the coming days! Hope you guys enjoyed this one. :)



Anonymous said...

Wow is that Mc Gyver or what? >.<

evangelos said...

Haha, ganyan din yung ceiling namin dito sa office.

wtf!! :)