Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ragnarok 2 CBT Videos

Ragnarok 2 is one of the most anticipated games in the world, especially here in the Philippines. I've been going around the country lately for the Level-up Trade Launch and the Ragna Rally Series and people keep asking me when we will have the closed or open beta here in the Philippines. Sadly I can't give a date yet - simply because the game is still under development. However, it's good to know that Gravity is trying to have OBT in mid or late 2007.

A fellow RO player, Sir David, showed me some Youtube videos earlier about the latest videos from Closed Beta 2. FYI, RO2 will have 4 Closed Beta sessions before they go full blast. From what I know, they just concluded the second one and they are now gearing up for the final two tests.

RO2 Swordsman Video

RO2 Recruit/Gunslinger Video

The Korean Ragnarok 2 Site is also now up. Go ahead and visit it if you can read Korean. If ever anyone here can, please let me know and kindly give me an english translation (hehe).

By the way, I bought a domain name and web hosting yesterday. That's the main reason why this blog is getting so weird in terms of layout. I've been playing around with images and buttons for the past few days. That explains the weird section on top - yeah I know I need two more buttons to balance it out (lol). Hopefully I can set it up so I can move out of blogger. Thanks to FlyFF Brand Manager Sherevar for letting me use his uber credit card.
'Till next time peeps! I'll post more about RO when I get to the office. Cheers!


Kristopher Julius R. Alcordo said...

hi po..
You don't really need a hosting account..
you only need a domain po..
and I used my domain
on my blogger account..
email me if you have questions po

evangelos said...

c00L videos. XD

Ano yon leecher?

Galing naman you can now see the monster's health bar. o_o

daroy~ said...

woW!! ^_^ i've beeN waiting soOoO LoOoOng foR this game to come out...i hopE it arrives here soOn...sana FREE TO PLAY and you wouLd onLy buy prepeid cardS to improVe your char. but if LU insists for a pay-to-pLay system, it won't stop me in pLaying this ng RO e2!!!woOt~/no1! perO i repeat, free to play would be much preferred...not onLy by me but foR mosT of the MMO gamers...\m/^_^\m/

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

Hi guys!

Please start checking my new blog at

I won't be updating this one anymore.


Laon said...

Hi, Uhm, I Actually adore reading these Ragnarok Blogs of yours, since it seems like you have so much info on Ragnarok two, Might you happen to know when the third Open beta, Or Closed beta, so confused in-between, Anyways, can you find out/Tell us/me When the next beta's are happening?, I Remember reading somewhere that you didn't know, Problem is, I read it over atleast 3 times, and i can't find that message again.

Uhm, in short: When are the next Beta's comming up?, It'd be really nice if you could email, Or tell me