Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ragnarok Online: HUGEL the Movie

As promised -

Ragnarok Online: HUGEL the Movie. This doesn't just showcase the new game features but it also has a kick-ass story. Definitely one of the best works by Ryvrdrgn. Thank you to Ryvrdrgn14 and the rest of the playtesters of Sakray for putting together this masterpiece!

Ragnarok Episode 14: Hugel comes out on March 14, 2007. Other than the 2 new job classes (Ninja and Gunslinger), there will also be new maps, dungeons, monsters, and items. Rok On!

FYI, this is the YOUTUBE URL:

Btw, for the next topic of my blog I decided to be a little more community-centric (lol). In the 7-8 days that this blog existed, it has garnered more than 2400+ hits. So as a tribute to everyone who reads, I've made a poll at the sidebar. You decide what I'm going to write about next. Poll closes Sunday afternoon.

Thanks and Ciao~!

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Anonymous said...

its an honuor to be the first one to comment hmm hope this will be may history nahhhhh!!! just kidding!!ei yo wassup about this piece of crap you guys are rock!!!!
kidding aside basta pinoy iba talaga daming alam sa lahat ng bagay as in wooo the best!!!! rok on dude stay in good health and god bless more power...