Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ragnarok Hugel Site NOW UP!

Yay! The official pRO Hugel website is now UP! Check it out HERE. I took us more than a month to put that thing together, mostly because the Creative department here at Level-up is constantly swamped with project requests from all the brands.

You guys can also view the pRO HUGEL MOVIE HERE.

Btw, please take note that the HUGEL CDs will only arrive at Mini-stop sometime May 12. However, the Neopia branches are already giving/burning copies for everyone as we speak. Check out the website for the list of branches that have CDs. :)
7 days until Hugel! wOOt!
Lastly, I'm doing the finishing touches to my new blog. You guys can check it out now if you want but it's not yet 100% complete.

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Mike Abundo said...

Next thing you know, you'll be running your own game company. Congratulations, Carlo!