Monday, March 05, 2007

Cavite & Paranaque Ragna Rally!

Don't you just hate it when political candidates cover the entire city with their faces? Nevermind that they probably had their faces photoshopped and morphed to make them look like celebrities. Anyway, I'm sure some of you will eventually find one of these tarpaulins either at an internet cafe or a street post (LOL). When I said before that we will make Ragna Rally look like an election campaign, I was dead serious! One of the sales personnel here at Level-up also just informed me that they are now sending the sample ballots out to the field. Hopefully you guys can get a copy of the flyer. One more time people... PORING FOR PRESIDENT! Wahahaha.

The Ragna Rally at Paranaque was intense. A lot of good guilds from various servers competed in the BTA Tournament. The most noticeable ones were Team Apocalypse, Team Guildless (Coalescence), and Team Hyksos. These were powerhouse guilds in the Chaos Server and it looks like they had their game faces on. At the end of the evening, Team Guildess prevailed, clocking in at an amazing 1:37! They employed an Assassin Cross - Paladin Combo, and they were able to wipe out the MVPs (Dark Snake Lord, Amon Ra, and Detardeus) in record time.

Cavite was more bloody battle. Out of the 14 teams that entered, only 1 team was able to survive the MVPs. Yes, you read right. 13 other teams were obliterated by the MVP Trio. Most of them fell to the LOV-MS combo of Detardeus. Anyway, the winning team was actually Apocalypse, who came all the way from Paranaque the night before. Talk about dedication, eh? Their trip was well worth it! Not only did they win the Cavite leg, they unseated Team Guildess. They are now the time leader with a record time of 1:27. If no else beats their time, they will win 10,000 PHP and a MJLONIR godly item!

On a side note, Community Manager Wintertsuki also raffled away great in-game prizes and Ragnarok Merchandise allthroughout the event. Other the the BTA Tournament, there were also activities open to everyone like the Upgrade Challenge. Basically you upgrade an item of choice and if you make it to +8 - +10 you get in-game prizes. Players will be using blessed eluniums and generated headgears provided for by the GMs in Sakray Server.

The RO team now has their sights set on the beautiful islands of Visayas. We will be having a major Ragna Rally event at Voyager Internet Cafe at Cebu City. For more details on the event schedule or mechanics, just head on over to the Ragna Rally Website.

By the way, you can check out the latest LU Yosi Break Session here.

Tomorrow I'll post a very special interview. We'll be talking to my girlfriend of 6 years on how hard it is to have a gamer for a boyfriend. Wahahaha!


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