Monday, March 05, 2007

LU Yosi Break 02: Pet Syling, CTO


I joined Level-up because of the challenge to build an industry and to build a team of talented individuals with a common goal.

Pet Syling currently serves as the Chief Technical Officer of Level-up Games. He's one of the best Pangya players in the company, beating me and even the Pangya Brand Manager on several occassions (without the use of the calculator). Sir Pet is also one of the most reliable and hardworking bosses you will ever come to meet. He was our CTO back then at netGames and he is just as good now, actually, even better.

Wauks: Hi Sir Pet! Thanks for accepting my inviation for this session. Anyway, let's kick this off with a simple question. Are you a gamer? If ever what games have you played? What game are you currently playing and why do you like that particular game?

Pet: Yes of course. TONS of games. MMORPG games, LAN games, strategy games, mini-games, casual games. Im' not currently playing 1 solo game. I like moving around the different games to keep myself from getting jaded on one.

Wauks: Hahaha, that's nice to hear. Anyway, is there any particular reason why you joined netGames, and eventually Level-up?

Pet: An offer I could not refuse, hehe! Just kidding. The challenge of building an industry, of building a talented team of individuals with a common goal. There is also the challenge of solving business needs thru IT. Lastly of course, is to have a good excuse to play games during working hours (again, just a joke, hehe).

Wauks: Wah, hehe. Maybe we can go into detail about your job. What does a Chief Technical Officer do?

Pet: There are a lot! Manage the daily operations of the IT team, plan and align solutions to meet business needs, lead the company in technology direction, guide the different IT groups in their execution, and help in managing the profitability of the company.

Wauks: That's definitely a lot. Anyway, I was able to get questions from several members of our community that they want to ask you. One of the most popular questions is: GM, BAKIT PO MAY LAG?

Pet: Madaming sources ang lag. aaring sa ISP na gamit ninyo, o pwede rin sa café na pinaglalaruan ninyo na maliit lamang and kanyang network bandwidth para ma accommodate ang lahat ng players. Meron ding lag na caused ng PC, dahil kulang ang memory or mabagal ang CPU. Nangyayari ito kapag madaming players sa isang lugar (i.e. Chipwar ng RF) Minsan naman sa game application may problema o kaya sa network ng game provider or ng Internet Service Provider.

Wauks: Another popular question is: Baket kailangan ng maintenance? Sayang game time!

Pet: Ang maintenance po ay importanante para ma update yung game. Di natin maiwasan na may game bugs na kailangan ayusin. Minsan naman, nag maintenance din tayo para makadagdag ng items or features ng isang game. Minsan din, para ma reboot ang mga servers para fresh sila ulit. Parang pag ikaw ay naligo, fresh ka ulit.

Wauks: Eto pa isang popular question: Baket nag cra-crash ang mga server?

Pet: Kadalasan ang crash ay nangyayari dahil ma problem ang game applications or hindi tama ang pag configure. Maraming pinagmumulan na minsan madali makita, pero minsan naman, ang hirap mahanap.

Wauks: Thanks for taking the time for this boss! I won't disturb you anymore seeing as you have to fix RO technical problems (hehe). Any message for our gaming community?

Pet: LOVE the GAME as the game LOVES you. :)

Pet Syling is happily married with two kids who are following in his footsteps, addicted to computers and games.

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These interviews are amusing! Fun to read :D

We also get to know people from LU better. :)

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