Friday, March 02, 2007

Ragna Rally Website now UP!

The much awaited Ragna Rally website is now up! I'd like to thank the creative team of Level-up for putting together such a funny flash intro. If you have ever played Ragnarok, please DO NOT miss this chance to view the site.

Visit the RAGNA RALLY website NOW!

Btw, I just got back from the Ragna Rally in Paranaque. I'll post the pictures and list of winners this weekend when I have time. For now I have to rest because we are going to hit the road again tomorrow morning for the Ragna Rally in Cavite.

Rok on people and I hope to see all of you at the event!


Mhuu~ said...

There should be NO BIOCHEMIST JOB in the TEAM. --> for a player who only uses a Merchant Class, andaya naman!!! =(

Oh well, atleast people has already acknowledged the power of Biochemists especially in PVM mode. ^^V

now to dwell for a slinger class.

Kristopher Julius R. Alcordo said...

tol correct ko lang ung link mo sa
ang nakalagay is :)

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

Thanks Kristopher, I'll correct it later when I have time - nasa Ragna Rally Cavite ako ngayon. Grabe dami tao. XD

Kristopher Julius R. Alcordo said...

ahihiih congratulations po for the successful LUG events! Sana dumating kayo dito sa cagayan de oro!

Anonymous said...

i have no chance to view the sked for baguio Ragnarally - i dont know the venue, website is down at the moment. please txt me (+639208003398) the venue for the baguio EB. thank you very much. more power.

araon said...

Very nice - easy to follow, simple, and working. Thanks for the knowledge!
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