Monday, February 12, 2007

RF: Episode 2 Coming this Summer!

Rising Force Online, the only MMORPG set to a sci-fi setting, is gearing up for one of its biggest patches to date - Episode 2: Pioneers of Novus! Though there is no confirmed date yet, there are talks going around that it will come out sometime mid-summer (april) in the Philippine servers. Please see below for a video posted at youtube by ryvrdrg14:

Though the main plot is still sketchy, the story for episode II revolves mainly around an ancient race that is casting its shadow among the Bellato, Cora, and Accretia. This reminds me a lot of World of Warcraft, wherein you have the Scourge suddenly stepping in between of the Horde and the Alliance (hehe).

For the new features, players can expect the following upgrades to their game:

Level 50 Red Mau (Bellato)
  • Goliath 150k hp, high defense, 1,000 SP
  • Catapult 110k hp, high attack, 200 SP

Level 50 Siege Kit (Accretia)

  • +40% damage, +10% defense, +20 Accuracy, +10% HP/FP, and 1000 shots
  • 4m sold at Elan Plateau

Cora Summons

  • They generally do better on what they do
  • Hecate crits more, Isis deals more damage, etc.


  • Level 50 Guard Tower avialable at Elan
  • Crag Mine Barracks
  • Opposing Race Collision

Please take the information above with a grain of salt. Information was taken from the Game Play Specialist Team of Level-up, but they are still testing and confirming the features listed above. For RF players who read this blog, kindly ask GM Gaea to confirm :)

Having different generes of online games is very much welcome. With developments like this, we can expect to grow the gaming community even more; converting your usual average joe to a gamer simply because the game suits his personal taste (sci-fi, medieval, etc.). Until another Sci-Fi game comes along, RF will continue to reign supreme in this market segment, especially with the buzz going around that the next patch will bring in space battles.

More about RO2 and RO on my next post! Rok On!

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