Sunday, February 11, 2007

Perfect World: Coming this Summer

Level-up Games acquired the license to publish the multi-awarded chinese game "Perfect World" a few months ago. The game is really intense, combining alot of advanced features from popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and City of Heroes/Villains. But everyone already knows that (hehe). This post is all about giving you a preview of what's to come when the game finally launches sometime this summer.

The game basically has three races: Humans, Wings (Elf-like with wings), and Werebeasts... yeah you heard me right. WEREBEASTS. w00t. Using the Werebeast race, you can actually look like a tiger, lion, or even a double hammer wielding, death dealing, destruction harbinger... cute and cuddly PANDA. If you're a fan of DOTA's Pandaren then you definitely know what race to pick. By the way, this game is not a race vs race conflict like RF Online. Your guild/team can be composed of any number of the various races available.

Perfect World has a ton of features, one of which is the mount system made famous by World of Warcraft. There are a lot of mounts to choose from, and there is even a cute new year pig right now that is available in the Taiwan PW Server. For more on the pig of death, just check out this screenshot:

Other than the mount system, another good feature is the multi-terrain system. You can walk, run, and swim. But most important of all - you can fly. The Wing race uses er... their wings to do that, while the Werebeasts call upon huge flying creatures. The Humans use enchanted weapons that they hop on just like Aladdin's trusty magic carpet.

However the most important feature for me is the City Battle. It's like castle siege but guilds will be vying for entire cities! There are a total of 38 cities per server so that means 38 guilds can hold 1 city at a time. That's definitely something to look forward to. For more information on Perfect World, visit It's just a teaser site but you can expect the main site to be up soon.

It looks like 2007 will be a big year for the online gaming industry. With games like PW, Silkroad, and RO2 - there's no telling how big the gaming community will be when the year is over. Actually if you think about it - PW is going to launch with good timing. GMA 7 keeps airing chinese/korean stuff like JUMONG @_@

For my next post I'll discuss details about the latest patch of RF... Episode 2. Till then, Rok On!


Cammy Narvadez said...

Heya GM wauks, im really really a big fan of PW comparin it to other games, i think its really cool hot at the same time ;) wish that you could include me to be 1 of the CB tester for PW ^^ ive been a closed beta player in rf online, thnx for the wonderful updates on PW! Dont forget me ocake ;)! kudos GM! ;)

>>> <<<

blaqice said...


sana ako din.. nag cb tester din ako sa RF online.. gusto ko din sana mapasok dyan..

sino po ba dapat contact para makasali dyan sa cb nyan

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

As soon as I get more information about the CBT of Perfect World, I'll let you guys know.

Camille Narvadez said...

Hi gm wauks ;) as an avid fan of perfect world online... i watched alot of PW videos on you tube... i came across this video... after that.. i concluded that they really spent alot of money for the game... O.O it must be really expensive.. heres the link to the video.. Hope ya like it ;)

- Naima / Cammy

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

Hi guys! Please check my new blog at

I won't be updating this one anymore.


kalupacome said...

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