Monday, February 19, 2007

Ragnarok 2: New Trailers and GM Atma for Philippine Idol

Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World, is going through their second Closed Beta this February. Before they go Open Beta, they will have 2 more CBs in addition to the one we're going to have right now. Damn, I hate the long wait. Hopefully this game will live up to all the hype its getting. Thanks to siamau of youtube who posted this video.

Emotes, Combat, and a few Features

Whatdaaaaa? Cute Movie

On other news -

I was chatting again with FlyFF Brand Manager Dino Tansioco on the popularity of Community Managers in the Online Gaming Industry. Who could ever forget King Tristan III of Ragnarok Online? Right now, Level-up has someone who can actually challenge Tristan for his throne in terms of popularity. Wudie, or "GM ATMA", as he is fondly called by the players, is one of the rising stars of Level-up Games. He was even awarded with the Employee of the Year plaque during our Christmas party for 2006. What's great about Wudie is his natural talent for getting involved with the community and his uncanny style of drowning himself in the local culture of the game he is handling. He can relate easily with players and when he speaks, you know that he really does represent the hundreds of thousands of FlyFFers in the country and that he only has their best interest in mind.

Which brought us to this funny idea. Philippine Idol is being aired annualy by ABC5. From what I heard, the winner needs just around 50,000-100,000 votes to win the Grand Finals. Imagine if all the FlyFFers voted for GM Atma... damn, that's more than half a million votes right there! We didn't even count FlyFFers who'd vote twice (LOL).

Anyway, that was just a random thought. Hope no one takes that idea seriously. XD


slyam said...

Thanks for sharing your experience

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

Its my pleasure! :D

Raina said...

Lol. Atma is really nice. What I appreciate about him is he reach out to players and doesn't act all powerful and mighty and stuff.

Plus he sends me cool audibles XD

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

The question is...

Will you vote for him on Philippine Idol?

Lol XD

Raina said...

If he goes on stage in a Darth Vader set.. I will :D

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

I kinda think he would. In our christmas party (Level-up) he came in wearing a rocket costume. ><

Broken Graces said...

^^ Those videos, especially the second, are cute. As an iRO player I definatly know I'm' looking forward to RO2 with extreme...impatience! It's so hard to wait for an english release.