Monday, February 19, 2007

Fly for Fun: Version 7 Trailers

Fly for Fun, one of the hottest MMORPGs today, is going to have an update at the end of March 2007. This is a very good development seeing as the last major patch was sometime September. The new update is called Fly for Fun Version 7: Cloud Cruisin'.

Why Cloud Cruisin'? FlyFF Brand Manager Dino Tansioco actually had a discussion with me on that. We wanted to keep the "Flight" positioning for FlyFF but Dino wanted to add an easy-going and care-free attitude. "Version 6: Ascension" was actually a bit too serious, especially with the posters screaming PVP.

Anyway, version 7 will bring several new features to the game, namely: New High Level Monsters, Dungeon/Maps, Quests, Items, and Armor Sets. I searched in YOUTUBE and came up with two trailers. The first one is the FlyFF US trailer, while the second one is locally made by our favorite video producer/director/editor: ryvrdrgn14. Enjoy!

FlyFF US Trailer

FlyFF PH Trailer

FYI: If you haven't read it yet, check the previous post about my take on the competition here in the Philippines. Ciao peeps!


Gamer Joe said...

Hmm. I like the PH trailer better. XD

Wauks said...

Who's the guy who does the ROSE videos again? Nurato ba yun? He should seriously consider making FlyFF videos soon. That guy rocks. XD