Thursday, March 01, 2007

Level-up Presents... O-zine '07!

Cosplay: contraction of words costume and play. It's a subculture based on japanse anime, manga, and more recently, games, mmorpgs, and movies. It's also a gathering of enthusiasts who showcase their costumes, take photos and join contests. - Pablo Bairan, Cosplay Expert

Attention all anime fans and gamers! Level-up Games is co-presenting O-zine Fest '07! O-zine fest is one of the biggest cosplay events in the Philippines and it will take place at the SM Mega Trade Hall on April 1, 2007. We're hoping to see hundreds of talented anime fans duke it out in the catwalk to determine the top cosplayers in the country. Just to show everyone how talented Pinoys are in cosplaying, check the best female winner of the Level-up LIVE Cosplay competition. She came in dressed as Moonlight Flower!

*Photo courtesy of

But wait... there's more (Lol)! Other than the cosplay competition, there will also be side events. Check out the list below for the tentative contests that you can join:

Anime Trivia
• Art Contest
- 7 to 12
- 13 and above
• Cosplay Competition
- Doujin Cosplay
- Individual Cosplay
- Group Cosplay
• Eating Contest
- Azuma's Bread
- Chouji's Potato Chips
- Gohan's Gohan
- Naruto's Ramen
- Mirmo's Chocolate
- Ryoma's Ponta Drinking
• Karaoke Contest
• SD Gundam Kit Comp.
• Speed Drawing Contest

Level-up will being giving goodie bags as well to cosplayers who dress up as any Level-up character. I'll post more details on this one when I get the final mechanics from GM Lilith. :)

By the way, let me plug for a good friend of mine. Pablo Bairan, also known as Nethermir, is the first level 99 Knight in Chaos Server. That dates back to 2003-2004. After his Ragnarok career, he's been very active promoting local cosplay events and he's also part of the team that made the website. Please feel free to check the website out. It has a photo gallery of cosplay events in the Philippines and you can also get useful tips on how to make your own costume.

Good luck to all the Cosplayers who will join and I hope to see everyone on April 1!

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