Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ragnarok Stuff and A Long Day at Level-up

Sheesh. Today was a relatively long day. Came in early and we had a meeting with our Chief Operating Officer, Sheila Paul. It was basically an update on how things were going for all the brands this February. You know what sucks about February? Marketing people HATE it because it's just 28 days. That means you have 2 less days to hit your revenue targets... which is just so lame. I was actually trying to figure out a reason why the guy who made calendar we follow made February just 28 days. If anyone knows the reason (other than it being a leap year crap), please let me know. The meeting lasted until lunch time and we had to endure the painful process of realizing again and again how February sucks because of it having two less days.

Anyway, the day went on and I found myself in a meeting with my team and we were discussing the plans for Wednesday (Feb 21). I can assure everyone that you guys will find the announcements very pleasant :)

We spent most of the day preparing for the Ragna Rally '07. It's basically a series of parties mixed with BTA and side events that will go around nationwide! The main thrust of this event is to rally RO players, old and new. The centerpiece of the PR campaign is actually the PORING for PRESIDENT movement, which coincides with the May 2007 senatorial elections. We're going to go all-out with the election theme. You'll be seeing tarpaulins, posters, and flyers that will ask you to vote for Poring and join the Ragna Rally (cool eh?). Check this flyer out (looks like a sample ballot):

Like what Carlito from WWE says, "Now that? That's cool!"

To end, let me share something I found in one of my RO2 art folders. Not sure if anyone has this one yet. It's basically a 3D image of the cutest race in RO2, the Ellr!

More on Perfect World on my next post. Cheers and Rok On!


dodge said...

Hello Mr. Carlo Ople.

Well di ko alam kung niloko ako ng tito ko, but he told me that Augustus Caesar took days from February to add to August (his month), because originally it only had 28 days. :D

Anyway, small world, tumingin tingin ako sa friendster, and when I saw how I was connected to you... it was through Estelle pala. :)

Carlo "Wauks" Ople said...

Hi Dodge!

Yeah, that's what I heard as well. Say hi to Estelle for me, I rarely see her these days.