Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ragnarok Online 2: More Art and Interview

I was surfing the net yesterday when I found a really good fansite of Ragnarok Online 2. It's called "A Ragnarok Tale" or ART for short. It has alot of videos, interviews, and other materials for RO2. RO2 fans should join the forums there because their community is already growing (more than 1000 members). The following is taken from their site, an interview with Pak Zero. If you want to read more translated interviews, click here.

GameSpot: The wait for Ragnarok Online 2 information has been long, but finally news seemed to be close. It was believed that this showing would showcase the new parts of the game and might have given the possibility of seeing new features. Instead, it was a more informational showing. Can you comment?

Pak Zero: Although there was not much information on features, the showing spoke positively about Ragnarok Online 2. We have fixed an open beta test for December and also made it known of the various leaps in development. Currently it is ahead of (Requim maybe? I can't read it) and is preparing for the end of the prime development. All in all, it is about 85% completed to a point where it can be released for Open Beta.

GameSpot: In Ro1, when registering, the selecting of your gender would determine what gender you were for all characters on that account. Will this decision be the same in Ro2? (Simplified: If I choose female, my characters are female)

Pak Zero: Selecting the correct gender is something we want to have in Ro2, because it creates a more realistic community. In Ro1 this worked well, although it was eventually abused by some people and worked around it by faking their gender in the registration. With Ro2, we want to make the reliability of people having the correct gender very high. There has been talk of using your KSSN to determine your gender, even.

Based from the feedback I've been getting from various forums - the number one complaint is that the game looks too much like ROSE. I agree with a lot of you on that point, it kinda looks too cute. Thankfully though the developers decided to make a third race called the Dimago that's more mature and sezzy. Take a look below for the picture we got from Gravity (that's a playable character!):

That's it for now! More on Perfect World and Silkroad on my next posts. :)


Hevn said...

I've seen that fansite a few weeks ago. So far, its the only RO2 fansite I've seen.

And I've seen that Female Emoticon video from YouTube too. I can't believe there's a Beyonce dance step included in there lol.

Mike Abundo said...
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Mike Abundo said...

She's horny.

No, really, she has horns.

Wauks said...


I think we will see more fansites once the 2nd and 3rd closed beta for RO2 ends on Korea. :D

2nd Closed Beta starts end of feb! w00t.