Monday, February 26, 2007

Ragnarok Event: Ragna Rally '07!

Ragna Rally ’07 is a major nationwide event that aims to gather Ragnarok players, old and new, under one roof. Inspired by the 2007 May elections, we’ve spiced it up a bit by adding a “Poring for President” flavor, making it more relevant to everyone. Don’t be surprised to find tarpaulins, posters, and even sample ballots promoting Poring for President at your nearest internet café!

So what is in it for players who attend the Ragna Rally? The main event is the BTA Mjolnir Cup Tournament! This isn’t your normal BTA because the national champion will win a godly item: a brand new Mejinguarde! Regional champions also stand to win rare and powerful in-game items like Vesper Cores.

We also have the Ragna Raffle! The GMs are going to give away dozens of premium items, merchandise, and in-game stuff for everyone who attends the event. We will also have a special raffle for players who buy top-up cards at the event.

Ragna Rally ’07 promises to be one of the biggest events this year! We will be having a Rally every weekend starting next Friday! However, before we go full blast, we’re going to have a tune-up rally on the following dates:

March 2, 2007
Netaphor Internet Café, Paranaque
BTA Registration 4PM-6PM

March 3, 2007
ESF Computer Center, Cavite
BTA Registration 12PM-2PM

(MAP to follow)

For the mechanics of the activities, please visit the Ragna Rally section of the Ragnaboards here.

Don’t forget to bring 100 PHP for entrance fee. You will get a 50 Top-up Card and a raffle stub for the Ragna Raffle. See you there! Rok On!

*Map and I-café address to follow

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