Sunday, February 25, 2007

MMOG: Pangya - Fast, fun, perfect.

Before we tackle Perfect World's City Battle system, I'd like to take a quick pause and discuss on of the casual games being published by Level-up, PANGYA! This was actually my second assignment in my online gaming career. After handling Fly for Fun and Khan, I was designated as the Senior Community Manager of Pangya sometime last year. In a nutshell, Pangya is an online fantasy golf game. However, don't let the boring nature of golf decieve you. This game is full of action and never-before-seen skills! Check this video out of Pangya Season 3:

*PANGYA PH is still on Season 2

Pangya is one of those games that expands the industry as a whole. As expected, Pangya gamers are a little bit more mature and sophisticated than your average internet cafe gamer. A lot of "Pangsters" are young professionals and college students who play just to recuperate from a long day of work or study. Marketing Pangya is totally different from marketing games like Ragnarok or RF. Led by previous Pangya Brand Manager Frances Fernandez (she works for HINGE now), we went on office tours, call center hook-ups, and we even partnered with SMART BRO's Bilis Kabit event which targetted high-end subdivisions like Corinthian Gardens.

That's it for now. Cheers!

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