Friday, February 09, 2007

Ragnarok Online 2: Magnum Break Screenshots

Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World, comes out sometime this year. It will be published by Level-up Games in the Philippines and it will have the full support of the PLDT group of companies. Not only is it the most anticipated game, it also boasts of having the most in-depth community and game features. Gravity has been developing this game for years now, and I'm sure that it is worth the wait! The picture posted is actually the middle sequence of some skill used by the Swordsman. It reminds me of Magnum Break... (oh yeah the monster being killed is a chon-chon!)

I'm kinda itching to play this game already. When you think about it... its finally time for RO to get a much needed upgrade in terms of graphics. Based from the comments of beta testers, they have no complaints whatsoever about the landscape or the character/monster details. I just hope that the system requirements won't be too high (hehe). I'll research about RO2 more and start posting stuff about it in the days to come. For now, let's just enjoy the Magnum Break taken to a whole new level! :D

In the immortal words of true RO players... Rok On!


Hevn said...

Itching like mad haha. Can't wait for this. Nice blog. :)

Wauks said...

Thanks! Hope you keep coming back. :) I'll be posting more exclusive content about RO2 as the days go by.

dodge said...

Aww.. There's still so much to do in RO. I myself have some personal goals (like reach lvl 90 with a trans char without botting, I'm in Thor, btw) which I have yet to achieve. :(

I'm really anxious about the going to a different game thing. I've just been so comfortable with RO's gameplay and graphics. :)