Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fly for Fun: LaWolf Scandal

When I was still working at netGames (pre-merge), a bunch of my officemates decided to play a prank on one of the new hires. Seeing as we just bought a LaWolf (monster in FlyFF) mascot costume, my officemates decided to make full use of it. Many thanks to Shella and Wudie (a.k.a. GM Atma) for putting together this masterpiece!

*By the way, if you can't wait through the set-up part and you just want to see the best scenes, skip the slider over to past 0:55 time.

On a more serious note, Fly for Fun has certainly made a name for itself during the past few months. From holding a small share of the market, FlyFF PH has exploded into a phenomenon rivalled only by the success of Ragnarok Online. Atma and the team recently held an event at EGG (Glorieta 4), which has a capacity of just around 150. Guess what? More than 700 loyal FlyFF players trooped to the venue. Dino (FlyFF Brand Manager) told me that the mall security guards were asking for a rally/demonstration permit! Well, you really can't blame them since the line almost covered the entrance of G4.

The name of the game couldn't be more apt. FlyFF is literally all about fun. The care-free feeling of flying is the best emotion that I can use to describe this game. For more details, you can visit and check for yourselves what this game has to offer.

Congratulations to Atma, Dino, and the rest of the team for continue making the game one of the best in the country! Like what I used to say when I was still the Brand Manager of FlyFF...

Keep on reaching for the skies!


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